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Get top quality care for your most common health needs, including urgent and primary care, medications, and emotional wellbeing.

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With Transcarent, you get:

Side Frames to Center

No more waiting rooms

Chat with a doctor in 60 seconds 24/7 or have a provider come to your home for urgent care and common procedures.

Someone on your side

Get help from your dedicated Health Guide in answering your health and benefits questions, researching for you, setting and following through on your health goals,and helping you connect directly with quality health services.

One-stop for benefits

See your benefits in one easy-to-access place, find a high-quality local doctor in your network, and schedule an appointment with an in-network doctor directly or through your dedicated Health Guide.

Peace of mind

Have a national expert review your diagnosis to confirm you have the appropriate diagnosis, treatment plan, and top quality provider.

Savings on your medications

Find lower cost options for your medications, and arrange for pick-up at your local pharmacy or for home delivery.

No more scary search results

Access trustworthy, evidence-based health content on hundreds of medical topics, and speak with a nurse for ongoing health needs.

Our results

  • 80+ Net Promoter Score (vs. 20 industry avg)

  • 40% Reduction in unnecessary urgent and ER visits

  • ~20% Average savings on prescription medications