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Transcarent directly connects employers and their employees with high-quality providers like you, helping you increase engagement and deliver high-value care with reduced hassle, costs, and administrative burden.

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You deserve to get back to delivering great care. That’s why we built a new, different, and better health and care experience that makes it easy for you to find and maintain relationships with patients, to get paid timely and fairly for your work, and to continuously improve.

It’s time to experience different.

Current System

  • Difficulty recruiting new patients

  • Rising out-of-system utilization

  • Costly billing process with insurers

  • Opaque quality data

  • Inefficient direct employer contracts

The Transcarent Difference

  • New patients brought to your door

  • Easy patient access to your care

  • Advance payment

  • Clear data to help you improve

  • One contract for many employers

Getting Started with Transcarent

We make it easy to connect with more patients from across the country and locally.

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Start connecting with patients across the country and providing high-quality care.

High Quality Care

Stay healthy and avoid complications

Save money on expenses

A majority of our care offered is at no cost to you

Our Results

We are committed to focusing on quality health benefits. Transcarent delivers an ‘everyday, for everybody’ health service and builds on the medical plan we already offer to employees and their families.

Marcos DeLeon

Rush University System for Health

Marcos Deleon
For 10 years, Transcarent (formerly BridgeHealth) has supported hundreds of our members in need of a planned surgery with affordable rates, dedicated care coordination and support, and high quality care.

Roxanne Buckner

Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG)

Roxanne Buckner
  • 80+ Net Promoter Score (vs. 20 industry avg)

  • 1M+ Lives covered

  • 80+ Clients served

  • 700+ Provider partners