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While other industries have been transformed, health care for too long has lagged slowly behind. This has to change.

While other industries have been transformed, health care for too long has lagged slowly behind. This has to change.

Health care should be redesigned around the consumer, and their needs, so they are fully in charge of their health and care decisions.

Consumers should also have access to all of the available cost and quality data right at their fingertips and be able to share in the positive financial impacts of their decisions.

That is why we founded Transcarent with a mission to reinvent the way consumers make decisions about their health and well being. We’ve learned through our experiences that informed and empowered health consumers not only love being in charge but also that a ‘consumer-first’ approach can dramatically improve outcomes and deliver reduced costs. We’re building a company that provides an experience for members unlike any other in the industry. We’ve bundled together commonly used services that members can now access through one easy-to-understand digital interface that delivers full transparency on quality and cost data on doctors, facilities and medical procedures.

And since we understand how confusing and overwhelming much of this data and information can be, every member has access to a concierge team that can help them day or night by answering questions about their treatment options to finding the best facility for their procedure or getting help right away from a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. So at Transcarent, we’ve combined the powerful benefits that technology and AI can bring with high-quality care in order to give our members access to the right information, tools, and incentives to help them make the optimal medical and financial decisions for themselves and their families. Whatever it is, we can help our members with it – anytime, anywhere.

It’s health and care re-designed. For you.

Why Health Care Needs to be Redesigned


Little to no support or guidance to help consumers understand the vast array of health care data and information.


Too many disconnected pieces in the health system that make it difficult for consumers to get access to the right care for them.


10+ years of unacceptable cost trends, with no measurable improvement in employee health or satisfaction.

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