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One Place for Health and Care
Transcarent makes it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable health and care.
With WayFinding, Members can “Just Ask Transcarent™ and know the next best step on their health and care journey.
Benefits navigation
Your employees will finally have their benefits questions fully and accurately answered and get to where they need to be, all from the palm of their hand.
Clinical guidance
Your team’s medical & pharmacy benefits and point solutions are brought together with virtual and in-person care, all in one place.
Care delivery
24/7, on-demand high-quality care from the compassionate Transcarent Clinic team and dedicated Health Guides.
Setting new standards for quality and value
NPS Score
Lower urgent care utilization
Reduction in complications and readmissions
Average savings per surgery
One platform for your team's health and care needs - simple or serious
Transcarent WayFinding orients and guides Members through their health and care journeys creating meaningful Care Experiences that pair best-in-class digital resources with top-quality local providers
Cancer Care
Weight Health
Pharmacy Care
Muscle & Joint Health
Everyday Care
Behavioral Health
Personal oncology nurse
Prevention, screening, and early detection tests
Access to top cancer doctors
WayFinding is our Member Experience
Powered by generative AI with instant access to care providers
to integrate benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery.
Health Guides
No more guesswork. Our human Health Guides are available to answer questions and direct employees to the most cost-effective care.
Integrated partners
Benefit & insurance info
On-demand virtual care
Provider finder
Prescription savings
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“I've been waiting for something like Transcarent my entire career.”
'Diana Morgan, Director
Well-being & Benefits
Pilot Company'
How will the One Place for Health & Care
benefit your employees?