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Why Care Experiences?
We created Care Experiences to address every part of the end-to-end journey for your top spend categories.
One place for your team’s health and care needs
Personalized, secure, data-led app
Personalized app experience gives Members a holistic view of all Transcarent and employer benefits. Members see personalized content and care recommendations based on their claims data, reported conditions, and in-app activity.
High-quality, on-demand Care Team
Connected ecosystem of local providers and virtual point solutions
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Care Experiences & Benefits
Achieve higher client satisfaction, better outcomes, and reduced total cost of care with Transcarent’s comprehensive Care Experiences:
Next Generation Navigation
Benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery through AI and human support for your team’s everyday needs.
Muscle and Joint Health
End-to-end MSK and surgery solution that leads with clinical expertise allows Members direct access to the nation's top health systems and a broad Centers of Excellence network.
Cancer Care
From prevention to survivorship, patients, caregivers, and families receive personalized, evidence-based care and guidance every step of the way.
Weight Health
Customized weight health care for each person with easy access to a connected, on-demand care team for clinical, lifestyle, and behavior change support.
Pharmacy Care
The Transcarent app makes it easy to manage and shop for prescriptions. Members save an average of $85—more for specialty medications.
Behavioral Health
Confidential behavioral health care that fits Members' needs—all from the comfort of home. Both therapy and psychiatry services are available.
Life-Changing Experiences
Bart was able to get back on his feet after receiving successful neurosurgery to remove a tumor. Hear his story below.
"I don’t know if I’d be walking or talking if it wasn’t for getting the best care in the world. I’m just truly grateful for Transcarent. They just took my worries away."
—Bart, Transcarent Member