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Your personalized app for health and care
Transcarent is a personalized on-demand app for your health and care. Connect with a provider, or get clear answers to make the most of your covered benefits.
Transcarent helps you:
Stay Organized
One app for every health benefit
Use Transcarent to access all your benefits and insurance details in one place. View your insurance card, search for and connect with high-quality in-network providers, or find new services available to you and your family.
Get Connected
Virtual care, on-demand
No more waiting rooms. You can connect with our Care Team on-demand, directly via the app. Our board-certified doctors are here to help, day or night.
Take Action
No more health care guesswork
With Trancarent, you always know where to start and what comes next, with live support from our professional compassionate Health Guides. Unsure about your treatment? Get an expert second opinion through our partnership with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic®.
Why you should download Transcarent today
Have you or your family ever had a health care issue and didn’t know where to turn first? Or felt worried you might be overpaying for office visits or prescriptions? You’re not alone.
At Transcarent, we connect the dots so you don’t have to. So you can be sure you are always taking the right steps for your health.
And the best news? Because your employer is so confident in our ability to connect you with the best care at a lower price, Transcarent is being offered free to qualified employees.

For all your health & care needs

Big, small, and everything in between

Specialized care

From urgent care, to surgery, physical therapy, and more, find the exact type of in-person or virtual care you need.

Virtual appointments

Video chat or message with our providers anytime you or your dependents need care, day or night.

24/7 health concierge

Get a dedicated, human healthcare expert who can explain your benefits or advise on next steps.

Life-Changing Experiences
Bart was able to get back on his feet after receiving successful neurosurgery to remove a tumor. Hear his story below.
"I don’t know if I’d be walking or talking if it wasn’t for getting the best care in the world. I’m just truly grateful for Transcarent. They just took my worries away."
—Bart, Transcarent Member
Transformational Journeys
Chris credits the support he received from Transcarent with transforming his life. Hear his story below.
“I’m down a total of 67 pounds since the surgery. Transcarent can give you your life back.”
—Chris, Transcarent member

Members love our personalized experience

"This benefit is too good to be true, but it is true. Everything was covered - my surgery, travel, and meal expenses, and hotel.”
Transcarent member
“After my husband’s hip replacement surgery, he’s back to the man I fell in love with 20 years ago. He’s living the life he wants to live. Transcarent made a seemingly daunting task extremely easy. If surgical care had an easy button, Transcarent would be it.”
Transcarent member
"I loved that I was able to wait for care in my own home, instead of in a waiting room surrounded by strangers who might be ill."
Transcarent Member
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