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Transcarent is a service available through your employer and is your main place to go for your health and care. We save you time, money, and hassle, so you can focus on what matters most to you.


Experience the Transcarent Difference

You and your loved ones deserve great health and care experiences that are accessible and affordable. Imagine: the care you want, the way you want it, when you need it, and where it works best for you. Imagine: care that’s free. Imagine: care that’s available 24/7/365. Imagine: being empowered to make your own decisions on your own schedule.

With Transcarent, you don’t have to imagine - we built the health and care experience that you deserve.

It’s time to experience different.

Current System

  • Hours in lines or waiting rooms

  • Long drives to the doctor

  • Costly visits and surprise bills

  • Decisions made without guidance

  • Mediocre care

  • Confusing information

  • Multiple apps and passwords

The Transcarent Difference

  • Care in as little as 60 seconds

  • Care that comes to you

  • $0 to you*

  • Decisions made with an advocate

  • Rigorous quality care standards

  • Transparent, trustworthy data

  • One place to go for your health

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Health and care for your team, made simple

Our fully configurable experience enhances your existing benefits program and health plan.

Personalized, data-led consumer app

Simplify access to all your health and care benefits with a personalized app experience. Members can get care in 60 seconds and access a suite of digital tools to find in-network providers, save on medications, and more.

Diverse on-demand care team

24/7 health guidance from a multidisciplinary care team of board-certified, U.S. based doctors, nurses, health guides, and care coordinators.*

Highest-quality health ecosystem

We partner directly with providers, COEs and point solutions to provide a robust ecosystem of high-quality, affordable, appropriate care that covers the full spectrum of Member health needs.

This was the most seamless implementation I have had with any vendor. Each Transcarent team member that I worked with exceeded my expectations, communicated clearly and effectively. They were open to any unique needs of our company/employees and met those needs with ease and great willingness. The Transcarent team delivered on every promise they committed to and were so engaging. Thank you!

Diana Morgan

Director, Well-being & Benefits, Pilot Company

We are committed to maintaining workplace excellence and focusing on quality health and well-being benefits. Transcarent delivers an ‘everyday, for everybody’ digital health service and builds on the RUSH medical plan we already offer to employees and their families.

Marcos DeLeon

Rush University System for Health

The best way to put it is that I feel possible. They took out all of the guesswork. They completely changed my perspective on what it means to be’s phenomenal.


Transcarent Member

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Experience Different.

  • 80+ Net Promoter Score (vs industry average of 20 NPS)

  • 40% Reduction in unnecessary urgent care and ER visits

  • 80% Reduction in readmissions and complications