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For years, benefits vendors promised lower costs, better outcomes, and improved experiences, but they haven’t delivered.

Healthcare is more costly, complex, and confusing and your clients deserve better. We understand that some employers are reevaluating parts of their vendor ecosystem, and some are evaluating more holistically and comprehensively, in partnership with you. Regardless of the strategy, Transcarent can support their needs across one or several healthcare verticals to finally offer affordable, high-quality care through one unified platform.

The benefits of a unified solution
Having all healthcare solutions under the same umbrella offers significant advantages over point solutions:
Integrated Care
Ensures seamless communication and coordination among various healthcare providers, leading to more effective and efficient care.
Simplified Administration
Reduces the complexity of managing multiple vendors, contracts, and implementations.
Enhanced Member Experience
Provides a single, cohesive experience for Members, reducing confusion and increasing engagement.
Better Data and Insights
Aggregates data from all aspects of care, providing a holistic view of health outcomes and enabling more informed decision-making.
Cost Savings
Streamlines processes and reduces overhead, leading to lower overall healthcare costs.

What our clients say

“We are committed to providing quality health benefits. Transcarent delivers an ‘everyday, for everybody’ health service, enhancing the medical plan we already offer to employees and their families.”
Marcos DeLeon
Rush University System for Health
“For 10 years, Transcarent (formerly BridgeHealth) has supported hundreds of our members in need of a planned surgery with affordable rates, dedicated care coordination and support, and high quality care.”
Roxanne Buckner
Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG)
The WayFinding approach

WayFinding is Transcarent’s innovative method for guiding Members towards high-quality, affordable care. In healthcare, WayFinding is about understanding where a person is, helping them discover where they need to go, and empowering them to get there confidently.

Enhance your benefit ecosystem
Achieve improved engagement, better outcomes, and reduced total cost of care with Transcarent’s comprehensive Care Experiences. We can support one or all areas, or grow with your clients over time as their strategy evolves.
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Benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery through AI and human support for your team’s everyday needs.
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