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Introducing The One Place for Weight Health
Transcarent is the next generation of health and care - an established leader in weight health and comprehensive Member support.
Experience comprehensive weight health care paired with expert clinical quality for each Member
Comprehensive weight health coaching for behavior change
Easy access to proven care options that meet Members' individual needs for lifestyle management, nutritional guidance, behavioral coaching, at-home lab work, and more.
Medication management
Member-centric approach to medication management that prioritizes low-cost alternatives and medication optimization to improve adherence, while also designing an appropriate anti-obesity medication strategy, inclusive of GLP-1s if desired, for unique plan and population needs.
Bariatric surgery expertise
The longest running Center of Excellence program with nationwide access to leading bariatric surgery centers. With 15+ years of experience in bariatric surgery, we address even the most complex aspects of the weight health journey.
There for Members every step of the way

"As an obesity medicine specialist, I work with people every day who associate doctor visits with feelings of shame and embarrassment because they've received stigmatized and disconnected care in the past. Their past experiences are keeping them separated from the guidance and care they need today, which is also cutting them off from potential lifesaving preventive screenings. We are missing opportunities to help people. This concern is especially salient for those struggling with their weight, because they are at increased risk for chronic conditions, like cancer."

Dr. Roxie Cham, MD
Obesity Medicine Specialist
Equipping Members with effective treatment and tools for sustainable health outcomes
Weight health is personal. Your approach should be too. Here's how we provide optimal care for each Member in a way that's scalable for large workforces.
Sustainable lifestyle management
Unlimited, on-demand access to the most complete and connected Care Team (endocrinologists, obesity medicine specialists, diabetes care specialists, pharmacists, registered dietitian nutritionists, and care advocates) with comprehensive, clinically validated nutritional guidance, activity counseling and educational resources.
Integrated partners
Medication and Prescription Management
Expert Bariatric Surgery Support
Coaching for Behavior Change
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A simple, clinically-guided experience for each unique journey
An example of a Member trying to manage medication while also making proactive lifestyle changes on his weight loss journey
Join Transcarent
Carlos' family sees a mailer for the weight health program and encourages him to join.
Complete Onboarding Screen
His screening shows challenges losing weight and staying on medications, prompting further evaluation.
Complete at-home lab work
Carlos' at-home labs show a high A1c despite his current medication regimen, prompting his virtual care specialist to recommend Metformin.
Bariatric Surgery Consult
Given Carlos' history, he receives education around our bariatric surgery COE for optimal health.
Lifestyle and Behavioral Coaching
Carlos' behavioral coaching helps him make lifestyle changes and refers him to educational resources that help improve his approach to weight loss.
Medication Management
Transcarent helps Carlos find the best price for his medication at his preferred pharmacy, and his Weight Health pharmacist provides in-app support for long term adherence.
Complementary Care Experiences
Direct medical treatment is only one part of the
weight health. Other Transcarent care experiences
provide important supportive care.
Pharmacy Care
The Transcarent app makes it easy to manage and shop for prescriptions. Members save an average of $85—more for specialty medications.
Behavioral Health
Confidential behavioral health care that fits Members' needs—all from the comfort of home. Both therapy and psychiatry services are available.
Muscle and Joint Health
End-to-end MSK and surgery solution that leads with clinical expertise allows Members direct access to the nation's top health systems and a broad Centers of Excellence network.
Setting new standards for quality and value
average weight loss over 7-months
Average blood pressure reduction among Members with 140/90+ BP readings
Average A1c reduction among Members with A1c > 9%
Reduction in revision surgeries vs national benchmark
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