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One Place for Pharmacy Care
Lower pharmacy costs by engaging Members at the point of prescription and better managing pharmacy spend across your entire benefits ecosystem.
Pharmacy benefits that deliver better
care at lower costs
Maximize pharmacy savings
Our lowest net cost model significantly lowers pharmacy costs and puts an end to rebate chasing while providing greater therapeutic choice for Members.
Optimized Member experience
Digital prescription technology identifies the lowest cost option before a prescription is filled, while Members get timely adherence support through one, easy to use app.
Complete transparency
Our simple pricing model, 100% rebate pass-through, and integrated platform technology across medical and benefits solutions enables complete pharmacy oversight and management.
Access anywhere from your phone, instant price transparency, and easy prescription transfers

“As I was packing for a business trip, I realized my inhaler was empty. I didn't have time to fill my prescription locally before my flight. After my flight, from my hotel room, I was able to transfer my prescription to the pharmacy right near the hotel, so that I was able to continue my regimen.”

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Put pharmacy at the center of your benefits strategy
Engage Members at the point of care and control pharmacy spend across your entire benefits ecosystem.
Pharmacy & Medical Benefits Integration
Prescription oversight and control across all healthcare benefits.
Integrated partners
Real-Time Rx Benefits
AI-Powered Benefits
Health Guides
Full Pharmacy Benefits
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A better pharmacy experience
Digital prescription technology powers real-time intervention
Primary Care Visit
Pharmacy ID Card available in the app
Digital Prescription Technology
Identifies off-formulary script, prompts Member for a virtual consult
Health Guide
Notifies Member of issue and contacts prescribing provider for appropriate pharmacy options
Adherence Support
Member gets refill reminders in-app
No Surprises
Prescription is waiting at the price promised
Pharmacy Marketplace
Surfaces lowest cost prescription across cash, coupon and insurance and prompts Member to select a pharmacy
Complementary Care Experiences
Direct medical treatment is only one part of the
pharmacy journey. Other Transcarent care experiences
provide important supportive care.
Next Generation Navigation
Benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery through AI and human support for your team’s everyday needs.
Cancer Care
From prevention to survivorship, patients, caregivers, and families receive personalized, evidence-based care and guidance every step of the way.
Weight Health
Customized weight health care for each person with easy access to a connected, on-demand care team for clinical, lifestyle, and behavior change support.
Setting new standards for quality and value
Pharmacy savings for a client switching to Transcarent Pharmacy
Out of 10 experience rating for transition from prior pharmacy benefits manager
Estimated improvement in adherence due to refill reminders & support
Total savings per claim per recommendation Members act on
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