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Health and Care That Knows You
Next generation of navigation and advocacy with a personalized, conversational Member experience to answer questions specific to your benefits ecosystem and plan design, easy access to on-demand virtual care, and clinical guidance to the next best step.
Your employees deserve a health and care experience that orients to them and gets them where they need to be
Increased engagement
Personalized guidance that keeps Members in-network, improves benefit utilization, and finds the lowest-priced medications via Pharmacy Marketplace.
Support for next best step
Members receive support and advocacy from a dedicated Health Guide, with personalized recommendations based on individual needs and integrated point solutions with local and virtual care.
On-demand care, any time
Members can start a virtual visit with the Transcarent Clinic for themselves or their family, ages 1+, for treatment of 900+ conditions, prescriptions and labs, chronic condition support, and more.
Making it easy to access high-quality, affordable health and care from one place

"My experience with Transcarent was a huge lifesaver. There wasn't a chance I could get to urgent care, and I desperately needed to be seen. I downloaded the app and answered some questions about how I was feeling, waited on my couch for a few minutes, then talked to a doctor without lifting my head off my pillow. I've never had such an easy, pleasant experience getting care when I was sick!"

Transcarent Member
Simple access to your everyday care needs
On-demand virtual care and a suite of digital tools keep Members empowered and informed—all in one place.
The Transcarent Care Team
Board-certified physicians, licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., nurse practitioners, registered nurses, certified medical assistants, Care Coordinators, and dedicated Health Guides provide care for acute, chronic, and mental health within the scope of primary care.
Your Care Assistant
Tools and resources
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A care experience that goes beyond the visit
An example of a Member experiencing a new skin concern
Start a visit in seconds
Kara starts an on-demand, virtual visit to inquire about recent changes to the skin on her neck.
Streamlined intake
Kara is immediately connected to the Care Assistant for an accurate and easy intake.
Clinician evaluation
Kara has a family history of type 2 diabetes and carries excess weight. Her physician does a thorough evaluation and orders labs to test Kara’s A1C levels.
Kara makes changes
Kara asks her Care Team more questions about her weight health benefit. She decides to enroll and gets her bloodwork done.
Care Team follow-up
The Care Team follows up with Kara post-visit to see if she has any questions about her Care Plan or next steps.
Accurate and accessible Care Plan
Kara can view her care plan at any time in the app, which includes: a visit summary, instructions for lab work, and a link to learn about her weight health benefit.
Clinical guidance
The physician sees Kara has access to a digital solution for weight health and prediabetes management via her employer. Lab orders are sent electronically to her preferred lab.
Just Ask Transcarent™ and get to where you need to be with WayFinding
It’s health and care that knows you, so you don’t need to know healthcare

Just like the GPS in your car, legacy navigation requires you know your exact destination, and then points you to it. WayFinding orients to you and gets you where you need to be.

WayFinding is the first practical use of generative AI and human support for benefits navigation, clinical guidance, and care delivery, with compassionate clinicians always a tap away.

Our personalized Member experience provides answers to questions, customized to your specific benefits ecosystem and plan design. Your medical and pharmacy benefits are clinically integrated with your point solutions, with caring health guides just a tap away, to get your Members to the right next step, each time. And easy access to local and virtual care means Members get care exactly when they need it.

Complementary Care Experiences
On-demand virtual care and navigation are only one part of the health
and care journey. Other Transcarent Care Experiences
provide important supportive care.
Pharmacy Care
The Transcarent app makes it easy to manage and shop for prescriptions. Members save an average of $85—more for specialty medications.
Behavioral Health
Confidential behavioral health care that fits Members' needs—all from the comfort of home. Both therapy and psychiatry services are available.
Muscle and Joint Health
End-to-end MSK and surgery solution that leads with clinical expertise allows Members direct access to the nation's top health systems and a broad Centers of Excellence network.
Setting new standards for quality and value
Retention rate among Members who use Transcarent
Savings via Pharmacy Marketplace
Cost reduction per visit based on average cost for alternative care option and Member utilization of primary care
Reduction in ER and urgent care visits
Learn more about Transcarent WayFinding