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Redefining the Standard for Behavioral Health Benefits
Comprehensive and connected behavioral health care to support your employees and their families.
Behavioral healthcare as unique as your team
Reduce silent suffering
Early identification of Member needs powered by data from in-app activity, human support and clinical encounters, enables us to connect Members to care faster.
Proven workplace and health plan savings
For every $1.00 invested, customers saved $2.20 on health spend and $4.10 in total spend (health plan + productivity).
Improve access to diverse providers
Members have direct access to Spring Health through the Transcarent app, including the ability to book an appointment in as soon as 2 days with a provider panel that identifies as 47% BIPOC.
Behavioral health care for any and all needs
“I've experienced more positive results in the one month I have been working with my therapist than I have with any other treatment.”
Transcarent Member
Appropriate care suitable for everyone
Transcarent connects Members with appropriate,
comprehensive care through Spring Health including:
Therapy, coaching, and medication management
Determine how many sponsored sessions will be offered to employees and their family.
Integrated partners
Dedicated Care Navigation
Digital CBT exercises
Personalized care plan
Diverse providers
Work-life services
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An end-to-end behavioral health experience
Here is an example of a Member who has been dealing with panic attacks throughout his adult life and is interested in trying therapy
Early identification
Member uses Transcarent's virtual care to discuss symptoms of a panic attack and after a follow-up discussion and recommendation from his PCP, Member enrolls in Spring Health.
Member accesses Spring Health via SSO from Transcarent and takes the dynamic assessment. He receives an instant, personalized treatment care plan.
Member's care plan recommends therapy. Member uses filters to find a therapist who is male and specializes in anxiety. He books an appointment for two days from now.
Progress + Follow-up
One day after therapy session, Member's dedicated Health Guide reaches out to see how it went. After a few weeks, Transcarent encourages Member to take a check-in assessment to track progress prior to his next appointment.
Getting care
Member's care plan recommends a deep breathing exercise. Member completes the exercise in-app prior to visiting with his therapist. At appointment, Member shares about his anxiety and how it has been impacting him.
Engagement reminders
One day before Member's first therapy appointment, he gets an in-app appointment reminder from Transcarent. The day of appointment, Member receives a text message reminder 30 minutes prior to session.
Complementary Care Experiences
Direct medical treatment is only one part of the
behavioral health care journey. Other Transcarent care experiences
provide important supportive care.
Everyday Care
Personalized Member experience to answer questions specific to your benefits ecosystem and plan design with easy access to virtual care and clinical guidance.
Cancer Care
From prevention to survivorship, patients, caregivers, and families receive personalized, evidence-based care and guidance every step of the way.
Muscle & Joint Health
End-to-end muscle and joint solution that leads with clinical expertise and drives care continuity to help Members take the right step in their care journey.
Setting new standards for quality and value
Days to meet with a therapist or psychiatrist on average
Members who show clinical improvement in fewer sessions
Reduction in total claims cost per Member
Of activated Members engage
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