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Transcarent Behavioral Health Care

Comprehensive and connected care without the wait to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and more complex mental health needs, resulting in feeling better, quicker.


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Reduce silent suffering by identifying members earlier

Reduce silent suffering

Early identification of Member needs powered by data from in-app activity, live support and clinical encounters, enables us to connect Members to care faster. Increase productivity and Member satisfaction.

Increase productivity

Reduce presenteeism, absenteeism, and turnover. In as little as six months, turnover is reduced by 22% and absenteeism by 12%.

Improve access to diverse providers

Members can book directly with a curated, inclusive provider panel (47% BIPOC, 48 languages, 10+ focus areas) in as little as 2 days, including on evenings and weekends.

Evidence-based care plans for conditions across acuity spectrum

A comprehensive behavioral health benefit that seamlessly integrates with our Surgery & MSK Care, Oncology Care, Pharmacy Care and Everyday Care experiences.

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Personalized care based on your team’s needs and goals

Early detection, identification, and guidance

Multiple entry points across digital and live support encounters help alleviate stigma concerns related to seeking mental health care.

Digital only entry points create safe environments to self-identify. Health Guides enable Members to share their interest in behavioral health support and learn about options.

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Personalized treatment and culturally-relevant care

Members receive custom care plans designed from a dynamic assessment.

A curated, inclusive provider panel (47% BIPOC, 48 languages, 10+ focus areas) addresses diverse needs and preferences.

Easy access to virtual and local providers

Members can book directly with a provider in as little as 2 days, including on evenings and weekends.

Direct scheduling for virtual or local care, including evenings or weekends is available within the Transcarent app.

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Comprehensive behavioral health care for all needs

Culturally relevant care for over 15 mental health conditions for Members ages 6+ in one platform, integrated with your broader benefits ecosystem and care team.

Members can access care and support for mindfulness and mediation, coaching, therapy, medication management, SUD, specialized care, work-life services, and more.

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Experience Different.

  • < 2 days to meet with a therapist or psychiatrist on average

  • 70% of members show clinical improvement in fewer sessions

  • 2.2x ROI on health spend (4.1x total ROI: health plan + workplace)

  • 28% of activated Members engage

You deserve better

Join us for the health and care experience of the future.

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