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Behavioral Health Care

Get high-quality care without the wait to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and more complex mental health needs, resulting in feeling better more quickly.

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Your Experience

With Transcarent, you get:

Personalized care

Get matched with the right evidence-based care plan and provider for you based on a dynamic assessment of your needs and goals.

Rapid access

Connect with a high-quality coach or therapist virtually or in-person in 3 days or less (vs. 21+ day industry average).

Specialized support

Receive high-quality care when medication or facility-based support is needed.

Comprehensive care

Get all of the above, plus the benefits of the rest of Transcarent’s experiences from one place, including:

  • Chatting with a doctor in 60 seconds when needed

  • Finding lower cost medications

  • Accessing your employer’s other benefits - for mental health and more

  • Talking to your dedicated Health Guide 24/7 for any of your health and care needs

  • Getting an expert review of more complex behavioral health needs to confirm appropriate diagnosis and treatment plans

Our results

  • 3 days Time to appointment (vs 21+ day average)

  • 70%+ Improved clinical outcomes

  • 50%+ Improved employee retention