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A Member Moment: Bart's Neurosurgery Journey Story

Bart, a Member through his employer UPS, shares how he was able to get back on his feet after receiving successful neurosurgery to remove a tumor in his parietal lobe with Transcarent.

By Transcarent

Struck by his first blackout seizure, Bart's world shifted as doctors unveiled a tumor nestled in his parietal lobe. This sudden life-altering diagnosis had Bart on a mission to reclaim his health and vitality. Faced with the daunting task of finding highly specialized care, Bart quickly exhausted his local options. He turned to Transcarent, unlocking a dedicated care team committed to guiding him through every step of his treatment journey.

As a Transcarent Member through his employer UPS, Bart was seamlessly connected to a top neurosurgeon who was an expert in the intricate procedure required for his recovery. His connected care team made it easy for him to get the high-quality care he needed without any extra financial contribution. As Bart says, “I didn’t pay a dollar for anything.”

From securing medical records to arranging travel logistics, Bart's personal Transcarent care coordinator guided him through his care journey. His care experience gave him the confidence he needed to make the next best decision about his health and focus on his path to wellness.

Bart's perseverance, coupled with the unparalleled treatment facilitated by Transcarent, propelled him back to his feet within six months. Today, Bart shares how he is grateful for the care he received from Transcarent and stands testament to the transformative power of easy access to high-quality, affordable health and care.