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An Interview with ChristianaCare: A Spotlight on Bariatric Surgery

Watch our Chief Medical Officer Randy Hawkins, M.D. interview Caitlin Halbert, D.O. from ChristianaCare, a Transcarent Surgical Center of Excellence. They discuss our joint commitment to high-quality care and sustainable outcomes during the bariatric surgery journey.

By Transcarent

Meaningful healthcare change starts with a commitment to keeping Members at the center of a high-quality care experience that is personalized for their journey. We’re laser focused on this in 2024, reinforced by the launch of the One Place for Weight Health, the first comprehensive Weight Health care experience that delivers lifestyle management, pharmaceutical, and bariatric surgical benefits, all in one place.

This transformative approach to weight health was developed in collaboration with partners who are dedicated to meaningful change. At Transcarent, we understand that we cannot change the healthcare status quo alone. We need partners who are aligned with our mission of making it easy to access high-quality, affordable health and care. Partners who are also committed to ensuring the consistent delivery of quality care from the best providers, and to helping Members make the next best decision on their personal journey to better health.

ChristianaCare in Delaware is one such partner. ChristianaCare is a Transcarent Surgical Center of Excellence with a specialty of bariatric surgery. A part of our comprehensive Weight Health care experience, bariatric surgery is a highly personal and significant step on a Member’s journey to sustainable weight health. It‘s a step that should be taken after thoughtful consideration and preparation in close collaboration with a Member’s care team. Together, Transcarent and ChristianaCare identify appropriate Members and walk with them every step of the bariatric surgery journey, educating them, and guiding them with a personalized care plan to achieve the best results.

Watch as our Chief Medical Officer Randy Hawkins, M.D. interviews ChristianaCare, Wilmington Campus, Chief of Surgical Services Caitlin Halbert, D.O. They discuss our joint commitment to quality and sustainable outcomes. The two explore the organizations’ relationship, the selection process for bariatric surgery candidates, how an integrated team of quality clinicians guides the Member’s journey to sustainable weight health, and objective measures for evaluating high-quality care.

In the video, Dr. Hawkins explains how quality is at the heart of everything we do at Transcarent and how we built a unique objective methodology to measure it. He shares how it’s powered by billions of data points to measure what matters most when it comes to Members’ healthcare choices: relevant experience, outcomes and results, appropriate care, and cost. It's all purpose-built to inform our care experiences and fuel our promise to help guide Members to the next best decision on their personal health journey.