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Transcarent Launches One Place for Weight Health
First comprehensive Weight Health care experience delivers lifestyle management, pharmaceutical, and surgical benefits on one platform to enable individualized care.
Jan 17, 2024

San Francisco, CA January 17, 2024 – Today, Transcarent, the One Place for Health and Care, announced the launch of the first comprehensive Weight Health care experience that provides self-insured employers access to pharmaceutical treatments alongside lifestyle management, behavioral coaching support and industry-leading surgical care, on one platform. The personalized, longitudinal care experience builds on Transcarent’s 15 years of experience leading a successful Surgery Center of Excellence (COE) program, including bariatric care.

With the One Place for Weight Health, each Transcarent Member has access to an individualized plan designed to meet the needs of their specific weight health journey, informed by analytics, clinical insights, and clinical protocols. Employers can offer an equitable benefit with quality, clinically-informed, cost-effective treatment paths – whether that is lifestyle management or medication management, either of which can be paired with bariatric surgery if clinically indicated.

“With the approval of GLP-1s and other weight health medications, an opportunity exists to rethink how programs have historically been offered by employers,” said Snezana Mahon, Pharm.D., Chief Operating Officer, Transcarent. “As demand for these potentially life-altering medications increases, employers are struggling to provide high-quality and effective solutions but also to contain costs. Individuals can’t afford the new medications without coverage, and without a comprehensive approach, they may not be effective. Transcarent’s solution, grounded in clinical quality and personalization, offers an end-to-end care experience that makes weight health more accessible and affordable for individuals and employers alike. Transcarent’s One Place for Weight Health is the only cardiometabolic solution in the market that leverages all elements of care delivery on a single platform to drive the biggest ROI for plan sponsors.”

Transcarent’s longitudinal Weight Health care experience brings together leading solutions from 9amHealth and Soda Health to provide:

  • Lifestyle Management - Robust clinical criteria guide each Member to the right level of care informed by obesity medicine experts. Members have access to health coaching, testing devices and supplies, labs, and diagnostic support throughout their weight health journey.

  • Nutrition Support – Members are empowered through access to healthy recipes and nutrition resources. Registered dietitian nutritionists are represented on the Member’s care team. Employers can leverage food benefit cards to support affordable access to healthy food.

  • Behavioral Coaching - Specific behavioral coaching resources for weight health, including addressing weight stigma, health at every size, and cognitive approaches to eating are available to support Members throughout their weight health journey.

  • Medication Management – Members will have support from doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to receive prescriptions for the right medications at the right time with adherence support, accessible at the lowest available price.

  • Bariatric Care - Members can access a national ecosystem of high-quality, affordable bariatric providers cultivated during Transcarent’s more than 15 years of experience developing a COE network.

Transcarent’s Weight Health care experience gives Members one place to go, breaking down the care silos that have historically hindered a coordinated approach to care and resulted in ineffective quick fixes. With a combination of dedicated provider support and technology, Transcarent facilitates bidirectional data sharing and predictive modeling based on medical history, prescription claims data, and patient self-reported data to determine the best approach to care and design value-based arrangements.

Transcarent’s Weight Health care experience also facilitates comprehensive chronic condition care for all disease states that are impacted by weight health and can seamlessly integrate into an employer’s existing benefit ecosystem.

“Our collaboration with Transcarent highlights our unique approach to weight loss,” says 9amHealth’s Chief Medical Officer, Avantika Waring, MD. “While GLP-1 medications are a valuable part of our toolkit, we acknowledge the challenges presented by cost and insurance barriers, along with the potential requirement for lifelong injections. By identifying the most clinically effective treatments and aligning with our clients' formulary, we address both effective care and cost considerations simultaneously.”

"Weight health journeys are personal. We have to remove the stigma surrounding this issue so we can engage in a meaningful dialogue about solutions,” said Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer, Transcarent. “For people looking to achieve a healthy weight, they deserve a care plan that is personalized to meet their needs but also affordable and effective. Our One Place for Weight Health empowers individuals through a clinically-led approach, uniting the resources they need to find the right solution for each person in every step of their transformative health journey and provides employers a way to support their employees with multiple options and approaches.”

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