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Honoring Nurses Week and the Opportunity to Help People on Their Cancer Journey

This Nurses Week, it's a privilege to highlight the role oncology nurse navigators play in helping people on their cancer journeys. Our Director of Oncology Nurse Navigation Nicole Reimer reflects on how nurses are the connective tissue of the healthcare system.

By Transcarent

By Nicole Reimer, RN, MSN, OCN, Director, Oncology Nurse Navigation, Transcarent

In my 35 years working as an oncology certified nurse, I have learned that no two cancer journeys are the same and that everyone has a unique experience with this disease. What is not unique, unfortunately, is the complexity, confusion, cost, and fear that accompanies cancer. It is in this space that most people need comprehensive support, a credible professional, and a trusted confidant to help them on their journey; this is also where my role as a Transcarent Oncology Care Nurse Navigator allows me to help the most people.

This Nurses Week, it is a privilege to highlight the role nurses play in helping people navigate their cancer journeys. As nurses, we understand that knowledge is power and connection drives compassion. We open our hearts and minds to our Members, hearing about their fears and faith with a deep understanding that our words matter in their healing process.

From screening and early detection through survivorship and caregiver support, oncology nurse navigators, like myself, assist Members and their caregivers in overcoming complex barriers that might prevent them from receiving the care they need. Oncology Care Nurse Navigators are crucial to improving outcomes and reducing confusion by being THAT seamless go-to person for our Members whenever they need us - just a tap of the app away!

I help Members coordinate care, prepare for treatment, manage symptoms, and find local resources in an empathetic way that builds trust. Whether they have questions about Centers of Excellence and expert second opinions or diet or emotional support, as an Oncology Nurse Navigator it is tremendously satisfying to support people on their journey and connect them to the expert answers and high-quality care that they need, when they need it.

At Transcarent, we understand that the impact of cancer can be far reaching and that caregivers of those with cancer also need support. Working with caregivers is a big part of my role at Transcarent. Often overlooked, this group bears a lot of responsibility and needs an expert ear, educational support, and local resources to help manage their role and the journey of the person they are caring for.

I love talking with our Members, getting to know them, and helping them to identify strategies that guide them through survivorship. It fills my bucket to know that every day, I am engaging people through a pivotal point in their lives. For me, connecting with those impacted by cancer is personal. I know from first-hand experience what they are going through as I have been on my own cancer journey. Having walked in their shoes, I am able to create an even deeper and trusted relationship with our Members.

Nurses are the connective tissue of the healthcare system. This Nurses Week it is my honor to shine a light on the unique compassion, confidence, and expertise that nurses bring to care delivery, engagement, and education. I am grateful for my nursing community and their natural ability to help people navigate their way to wellness, especially during a cancer journey. Won't you join me in appreciating and showing gratitude toward these nurses who help so many people live healthier lives?