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Meet WayFinding. Members Can "Just Ask Transcarent" with the New AI-Powered Experience
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Key Takeaways
  1. Navigating the complex healthcare system: The article emphasizes the difficulties individuals face in navigating the complex healthcare and insurance systems due to overwhelming information and misinformation. It highlights the need for a more straightforward and efficient way to access health and care services.

  2. Transcarent introduces WayFinding: Transcarent introduces its WayFinding experience, which leverages generative AI to provide users with instant access to clinical guidance, benefits navigation, and care delivery. This innovative platform aims to simplify the healthcare experience by offering personalized and precise answers, reducing the need for users to navigate multiple apps or sources of information.

  3. Personalized and intuitive health and care experience: WayFinding is designed to start from the user's current situation, offering proactive guidance and personalized support. This approach aims to create an engaging and intuitive health and care experience, allowing users to easily access the care and benefits they need without having to become experts in the healthcare system.

"Pay attention to where you are going because without meaning you might get nowhere."
- A.A. Milne

We are lost, unable to find our way. More solutions, transferred calls, paperwork, information – and even worse, misinformation – than ever before. We have tried navigating our way through the system, but it doesn’t work. A navigator asks where you need to go and takes you there. But what if you don’t know where you need to go?

Simply put, if you don’t understand where you are, you can’t easily orient yourself and navigate toward health. Most of us are not care experts, nor do we have the time or patience to learn the nuances of the complicated insurance and benefits landscape. There is too much noise and not enough meaningful, expert guidance. It has become impossible for people to even find the starting line in this broken system.

It’s time to fix the root of the problem. At Transcarent, we are living our promise to reinvent the system. With our new WayFinding experience, the days of navigating a broken system are over. WayFinding is our innovative Member experience that combines generative AI with instant access to clinical guidance, benefits navigation, and virtual or in-person care delivery on one easy- to- use platform with human support never more than a tap away. A profound way to personalize the healthcare and benefits experience, it’s the difference between sorting through a deluge of confusing information and getting precise clinical expertise and answers to benefits questions when you need them.

How do we do this? At Transcarent, we are the first to apply generative AI to navigation for an engaging and intuitive experience that Members want to use. All they have to do is “Just Ask Transcarent™!”

WayFinding allows Members to start where they are. They can ask “My knee hurts, what do I do?” and be proactively guided to the next best step, whether that’s a virtual consult, physical therapy, or an appointment with a local specialist. Then they can follow up to ask “What’s my deductible? “Where can I get my prescription at the lowest cost?” and instantly get precise answers that are unique to the Member and their benefits. It’s health and care that knows you - so you don’t have to know healthcare.

No more needing to understand how 10 different benefits apps work, asking Dr. Google, or calling the 1-800 numbers on the back of your benefits card to only end up at an urgent care. WayFinding puts all your point solutions into one place and ensures that you receive personalized support and guidance exactly when you need it. We make it easy for Members to access their health and care benefits, both those provided by Transcarent and those that aren’t, and even connect those benefits to each other.

The ability to have a health and care experience that truly knows you is no longer aspirational rhetoric; with WayFinding, it is a reality. We've created an intuitive straight line directly to what you need on your healthcare journey. WayFinding is a personalized, engaging experience that people love to use and what we all expected healthcare in the digital age to be.

It’s health and care that knows you and we can’t wait for you and your employees to try it and"Just Ask Transcarent!”


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May 16, 2024 - 5 MIN READ
Member Experience
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