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Audrey Lorde reminds us that, "It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." In celebrating our differences, we can build momentum for lasting positive change. This Pride Month we’re appreciating the power that’s created when we can bring our authentic selves to the world and be seen for who we really are. At Transcarent, we are committed to creating space and opportunity for people to use their authentic selves to be all they can, for each other and our Members. 

Our people are our biggest assets, and we are passionate about providing them with the safe space they need to be who they are so their talents can flourish. Our culture and policies were created to fervently support this with changemaking efforts like our internal affinity groups; a value of using inclusive language; healthcare benefits that equally support same sex couples as compared to opposite sex couples, including fertility and leave policies; gender affirming care; and leadership that sets expectations around celebrating our differences.  

Below are reflections from our team members about the value of being able to bring their authentic selves to Transcarent:

David Miller, Chair of our LGBTQIA+ affinity group and Senior Director of Client Implementations  

“As with most new jobs, when I started at Transcarent two years ago, I wondered how my sexuality would be received (especially in a leadership position). I quickly learned at Transcarent I was not only accepted, but as with all diversity, I was celebrated. Transcarent leans into the uniqueness and diversity of their employees and appreciates the varying points of views our backgrounds bring to health and care. I quickly understood this as I got engaged with the Diversity Equity and Inclusion team, saw how their employee benefits valued ALL employees (previous employers had not considered sexuality in many of their benefits), and how inclusive the leadership of the company made us all feel. I feel honored and lucky to work at Transcarent where I am encouraged to be my authentic self.”   

Maria Papageorgiou, Software Engineer II 

“At Transcarent, I feel empowered to being my authentic self to work as a gay woman. Transcarent encourages us to find community and invests in it through its software and physical events like all-hands meetings. This not only celebrates who we are but also allows us to connect with like-minded colleagues within our teams. Additionally, our lunch-and-learn sessions feature outside speakers who share fascinating insights about various communities as part of our DEIB efforts. It’s so gratifying to me as part of the LGBTQ+ community to know that my company celebrates diversity. Seeing other cultures and communities celebrated encourages all of us to share who we are as individuals and as part of different groups. It ties in seamlessly into the company value of Active Learning. Not only can we learn from people who are different than us, but we can also teach what we know to a curious and accepting audience. Culturally, Transcarent is very respectful. I find my co-workers using inclusive language like "partner" instead of traditional terms. We also use inclusive language in the Transcarent app, allowing users to select a gender identity outside the binary. To summarize it all, Transcarent’s foundational value, People, underscore our commitment to diversity and improving the lives of clients, end users and employees alike.” 

Benjamin Johnson, Provider Relations Executive 

"Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. The Vulcans really have it figured out, and I can’t think of a more perfect metaphor that embodies our forward-thinking Transcarent values. Embracing diversity is vital for an organization, and Transcarent has passionately and unapologetically celebrated diversity since day one. I’m proud to be an ally of the LGBTQIA+ affinity team and have learned so much about the importance of educating myself and others. There is NO place at Transcarent for stigma and hatred, and I strongly believe that every person should feel celebrated for exactly who they are in the workplace. May Transcarent live long and prosper!" 

LaQuisha Underwood, Compliance Specialist 

“Being a part of a community that celebrates you and allows you to be unapologetically authentic has been one the great perks of being at Transcarent. As an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, I have witnessed the tremendous support and welcoming of being whoever you are, loud and proud here. It took years for my gay son to live his most authentic self, as he felt something was wrong with him. He was ashamed of being gay and didn’t know how much love and support he had in his mom. Today, he not only feels that love and support, but he shines so much brighter because he sees that I belong to a community that not only believes in diversity, but actively promotes diversity in every form. The most important part to me is the domino effect that occurred as a result of having such an amazing DEIB community. The encouragement I feel as his mom allows me to keep him encouraged, and that eventually encouraged his freedom! Sometimes it is not enough to hear the words, involvement can make all the difference, I am so thankful that Transcarent offers a space for active involvement. I am excited by our diverse inclusion, because there is nothing better than being able to live and LOVE authentically. LOVE WINS.” 

This Pride Month we want everyone to know that we see you and celebrate you. We want to know you, our Members, team members, clients, partners and stakeholdersauthentically. We celebrate who you are and strongly encourage the entire healthcare community – and beyond – to do the same!  

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June 14, 2024 - 3 MIN READ
Team Transcarent
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