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Employers & Consultants

Transcarent directly connects you and your employees with top quality local doctors and health solutions through one, unified experience - resulting in higher employee satisfaction, better health, lower costs, and less administrative burden for you.


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Experience the Transcarent Difference

For decades, employee benefits vendors have promised you lower costs, better outcomes, and a better experience - and they haven’t delivered. Healthcare is more costly, complex, and confusing than ever. You and your employees deserve better. That’s why we created a new, different, and better health and care experience that directly connects you with affordable, high-quality care in one, unified experience that supplements your existing benefits and delivers measurable results - that we back-up with at-risk pricing models.

It’s time to experience different.

Employer being frustrated to the current system

Current System

  • Middleman costs and friction

  • Misaligned payment models

  • Many contracts & implementations

  • Lack of visibility into ROI

  • Broken system requiring navigators

  • Benefits spread across multiple apps

  • Siloed care from point solutions

The Transcarent Difference

  • Direct contracts

  • At-risk pricing and accountability

  • One contract and implementation

  • Transparent view of ROI

  • Unified, self-service experience

  • Benefits consolidated into one app

  • Comprehensive, whole person care

Enhance Benefits in Your Priority Areas

Achieve higher employee satisfaction, better health outcomes, and reduction in total cost of care.

Urgent / Primary

Virtual, in-home, or in-person care with a doctor in your network to reduce ER visits and out-of-network utilization


Proactive savings identification and access to low-cost medications to reduce pharmacy expenses


Virtual physical therapy and expert guidance to avoid unnecessary surgeries and improve recovery times


Surgical Centers of Excellence and care coordination to reduce complications and surgical costs


Comprehensive care and support, including Centers of Excellence, to improve experience and outcomes

Behavioral Health

Self-service, virtual, in-office, and facility-based care to improve access, wellbeing, and resilience

Benefits Guidance

Consolidated access to benefits, quality provider finders, and Health Guides to increase engagement

Clinical Guidance

60-second access to doctors, nurses, and decision support to connect employees to the right care

Expert Opinions

Guidance from national experts, integrated with high-value care, to reduce unnecessary care utilization

Our Results

We are committed to focusing on quality health benefits. Transcarent delivers an ‘everyday, for everybody’ health service and builds on the medical plan we already offer to employees and their families.

Marcos DeLeon

Rush University System for Health

Marcos Deleon
For 10 years, Transcarent (formerly BridgeHealth) has supported hundreds of our members in need of a planned surgery with affordable rates, dedicated care coordination and support, and high quality care.

Roxanne Buckner

Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG)

Roxanne Buckner
  • 80+ Net Promoter Score (vs. 20 industry avg)

  • 1M+ Lives covered

  • 80+ Clients served

  • 700+ Provider partners