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Oncology Care

Get high-quality care and support for you and your family from diagnosis to treatment to remission and recovery, resulting in a better experience during a difficult time.

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Your Experience

With Transcarent, you get:

Peace of mind

Have your cancer case reviewed by a national expert to confirm appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, and have your provider learn best practices for supporting your specific course of treatment

Top quality cancer treatment

Get access to top quality cancer care from across the country, including for surgeries related to cancer

Support at work and home

Access social and emotional support for you and your family during your cancer experience, as well as support from your employer during your care.

Comprehensive Care

Get all of the above, plus the benefits of the rest of Transcarent’s services from one place, including:

  • Chatting with a doctor in 60 seconds or having a provider come to your home during your treatment and recovery process

  • Finding low cost medications

  • Accessing on-demand emotional wellbeing tools and therapist visits to manage stress and anxiety associated with your condition, and

  • Being able to talk to your dedicated Health Guide 24/7 for any of your health and care needs

Our results

  • 80%+ Improved quality of life

  • 90%+ Patient satisfaction

  • 80%+ Improved treatment plan