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Beyond the Dollar: Measuring Value Beyond Unit Cost Savings
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A steadfast focus on delivering high-quality care and an exceptional Member experience does not have to come at the expense of a robust ROI. In fact, we believe if these critical aspects of care are prioritized, real, long-term ROI is possible. Transcarent proves that prioritizing quality care and an exceptional Member experience is a winning approach, demonstrating net unit cost savings of 40.2%. That’s $16,192 saved per surgical episode. [1] Our Centers of Excellence (COE) model has been purpose-built to save money for our employer clients and their employees, while consistently delivering the value of high-quality care experiences that produce better long-term outcomes, healthier populations, and a more engaged workforce.

Transcarent makes it possible for Members to connect to care from anywhere, both nationally from the country’s top experts and locally at trusted high-quality facilities, improving access to top-rated care, reducing the rate of complications, costly readmissions and follow-up care.   

  • At Transcarent, we think measuring the value of investment is important because it indicates if the money spent did in fact result in the desired outcome. For surgery, we measure this by a better employee care experience. With an NPS score of 80+, our Members are confident that they are being guided to the right level of care with an intuitive digital experience at their fingertips and Transcarent Health Guides and Care Coordinators who are by their side from condition to recovery.[2]

  • Better outcomes from high-quality care is a priority. Quality, clinically appropriate care is at the heart of everything we do at Transcarent, allowing us to reduce complications and readmissions by 83% and drive 30% higher utilization of appropriate sites of care. [3,4] Since you can’t improve what you can’t measure, we took the lead in the industry and created a way to objectively measure both physician and facility quality. Our quality methodology is informed by billions of data points constantly refreshed to measure what matters most when it comes to healthcare choices: experience of providers, outcomes and results, appropriateness of care, and cost. 

We are delivering a new health and care experience that people love, measurably improves the quality of care, and reduces costs. Our digital technology coupled with live, human support and innovative provider contracts, uniquely positions us to change the status quo, transform surgery care, and the entire health and care experience for the better. 


1. 2021-2022 Morningstar Surgery Savings Report. 

2. Transcarent book of business 2023.

3. Dencker 2021: Comparing our CD Grade 3 to 5 complication rate of 1.54% to the market complication benchmark of 9.25%.

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Watch our webinar, "Beyond the Dollar: Measuring Value Beyond Unit Cost Savings" featuring Ron Goetzel from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (USA).

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October 31, 2023 - 2 MIN READ
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