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Webinar: Beyond the Dollar: Measuring Value Beyond Unit Cost Savings

Ron Goetzel, Senior Scientist, and internationally recognized expert and thought leader in health and well-being joins Thi Montalvo, VP, Reporting & Analytics, Dr. Jeff Dobro, Chief Innovation Officer, and Dr. Jaya Khushalani, Sr. Director, Health Economics for a conversation on employee health and wellbeing solutions and how to measure for ROI, value, business return and beyond.

By Transcarent

As headlines indicate, health care costs will continue to rise substantially in 2024, with surgery-related costs continuing to make up a meaningful portion of employer health care spend.  Beyond the rising tide of inflation, a complex healthcare landscape marked by variable provider costs and inappropriate care further compounds the patient’s challenge of simply knowing what to do next, leading to wasteful spending, suboptimal outcomes, and poor satisfaction. 

As these trends continue to tick upwards, employers have or are turning to surgical Centers of Excellence (COE) as a lever in reducing health care spend, while ensuring access to high quality care. But how do we go about measuring the value of COEs through the lens of ROI and VOI in the short and long-term? And what should employers expect from their solutions?

Ron Goetzel from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (USA) joins a panel of Transcarent experts to discuss.