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A Comprehensive Cancer Care Experience From Early Detection Through Survivorship

Transcarent Cancer Care was designed to surround Members impacted by cancer with the right care at every step, no matter where they are on their journey. Our Chief Medical Officer, Randy K. Hawkins, M.D., explains how this comprehensive care experience was uniquely built to deliver this level of end-to-end care.

By Transcarent

Randy K. Hawkins, M.D., FACHE, Chief Medical Officer, Transcarent

Nearly everyone has a story to tell about cancer. Whether you’ve personally experienced cancer - or are a family member, friend, caregiver, or employer of someone with cancer – it has likely touched your life in some way.

It is a growing concern globally and employers are feeling the impact on their workforce. Cancer has risen to be the top driver of healthcare costs for most large employers1 as they work to ensure their teams have access to the care they need for sustainable better health, while managing affordability.

One-dimensional approaches to care simply can’t address the inherent complexity of these diseases or the path to better health. For too long, benefit leaders have struggled to piece together fragmented cancer-related point solutions, and the results cannot comprehensively address personal cancer journeys.

Transcarent Cancer Care was designed to surround Members impacted by cancer with the right care at every step, no matter where they are on their journey, and support them through critical transitions. It is a comprehensive, connected, high-quality care experience that guides people across the spectrum of cancer needs. Like all our care experiences, it takes a longitudinal approach with easy access to high-quality, affordable care and sustainable health.

If a Transcarent Member does receive a cancer diagnosis, they can be confident that they have the support of a trusted cancer care team, designed to address their unique needs as they evolve. A smart digital platform and care ecosystem connect them to expert second opinions and treatment from the country’s top oncologists. The care team walks with Members along every step of their journey. The team’s personal guidance helps Members make the next best decision about their care.

No other cancer care solution offers this level of end-to-end care. As the One Place for Cancer Care, our Members are guided through personalized care transitions and touchpoints. These touchpoints may include:

  • Early Detection and Screening: We educate Members on their risk and work to drive them toward critical screenings. Built-in upstream identification helps find and support Members with early detection needs. If needs are identified, we can seamlessly connect them to the necessary tests.

  • Holistic Support: Members receive education and guidance from dedicated health guides and oncology nurses who have deep expertise in cancer care, and they assist with a range of challenges like symptom management, emotional support, achievable goals, logistics for treatment, childcare, or worries about costs. In addition, Members are connected to nutrition counseling, pharmacy care, and support communities.

  • Caregiver Support: Caregivers are also embraced and cared for, receiving support for their unique needs. Cancer caregivers have easy access to holistic resources, navigation, education and evidence-based content. We also work with the Cancer Support Community to connect caregivers with a compassionate support network.

  • Expert Second Opinion: Members can be confident in their diagnosis and care plan by receiving a second opinion from the country’s best specialists with expertise from our partners like AccessHope.

  • Oncology Centers of Excellence: If a Member is diagnosed with cancer they can access a customized level of care that meets their needs from the nation’s top providers at the best Oncology Centers of Excellence (COE). With our COE program, Members can choose to receive high-quality care in a location that’s best for them – whether they’d prefer to stay at a local health system for follow-up and long-term needs - or travel for something more complex.

  • Return to Work Support: We work closely with benefit and human resources leaders to help Members have the confidence to return to work, advising on benefit design, PTO policies, effective manager training, and dedicated culture support.

We’re delivering a comprehensive care experience, with impact rooted in high-quality, personalized longitudinal care and Member choice. Our goals are to enhance quality of life for those affected by cancer, improve health outcomes, and reduce unnecessary and wasteful spend. We are meeting these goals by fully supporting every one of our Members impacted by cancer and giving employers a trusted, high-quality way to care for their employees - from early detection through survivorship.