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How Personalized Member Experiences Put People Back in Charge of their Health and Care

Janine Gianfredi, Transcarent Chief Marketing Officer, explains how we're delivering personalized care using a holistic engagement experience.

By Transcarent

There’s nothing more important or personal than your health and care. This reality shapes how we approach our Member experience. We believe a more personalized experience puts people back in charge of their health and care by keeping them actively engaged. That’s why Member engagement is at the heart of everything we do. 

As consumers, we’ve come to love the ease of personalization in nearly every other aspect of our lives. Healthcare should – and can – work the same way. 

Watch the video above to see Janine Gianfredi, our Chief Marketing Officer, explain how our approach to engagement takes a holistic view of each Member, allowing us to deliver personalized care experience recommendations. She explains how our platform pulls in data from multiple sources to ensure that Transcarent Members have access to the information, high-quality care options, and guidance they need to make the best decisions about their health – wherever they are on their care journey.   

We’re excited to share more about how our personal engagement experience fuels our mission to make it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable health and care.   

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