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Webinar: Coping with Cancer - What Employers Need to Know

Transcarent Chief Innovation Officer, Jeff Dobro, MD and Spring Health Clinical Partnerships Director, Nicole Roger discuss how to champion a compassionate workplace for employees with chronic conditions and caregivers to thrive in.

By Transcarent

We know cancer is physically challenging, and it also takes a toll on mental health. Both patients and caregivers need mental health support throughout the cancer journey, including diagnosis, treatment, recovery, return to work, and survivorship. Mental health can be an afterthought when battling a physical disease but mental health support during cancer is proven to improve treatment adherence and outcomes in cancer patients. 

HR and People leaders can truly make a difference for employees impacted by cancer. By building a foundation of supportive resources and trusted high-quality care experiences that are easy to use and integrated with mental health care, employers can help alleviate at least one worry for their employees living with cancer and their caregivers.