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Webinar: How Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Can Protect Your Workforce and Lower Costs

Hear from Transcarent, GRAIL, and Intermountain experts as they discuss why its crucial to provide a proactive and holistic approach to cancer care.

By Transcarent

Cancer is a formidable challenge that affects millions of lives every year through mental, physical, and financial hardship. Yet, all too often, the response to cancer is too little, too late.  

Employees and their families lack access to prevention, screening, and early detection resources, resulting in more cancers being diagnosed in later stages. Later detection doesn’t only impact employees' outcomes and cost of care but also puts serious strains on their employers’ abilities to cover the costs of more intensive treatment. These costs are growing at twice the rate of costs for other healthcare expenses. With other comorbidities to consider, organizations seek holistic ways to support and engage the workforce, while managing skyrocketing costs. By providing a proactive and holistic approach, engaging employees and their families before cancer ever occurs, employers can positively impact both their employees’ lives and their bottom line.  

Watch as experts explain how with the right health and care benefits in place, employers can provide better support to prevent cancer and mitigate costs.