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Webinar: New Year, Right Approach: Evaluating Your Weight Health Benefits

Snezana Mahon, Chief Operations Officer at Transcarent, Avantika Waring MD, Chief Medical Officer, at 9AM Health and Raechele McMahan, SVP, Payer Solutions at Prescryptive discuss what employers should consider when evaluating high-quality, longitudinal weight management solutions.

By Transcarent

Obesity has reached epidemic status with no slowing down in sight, and the same goes for the associated high costs. GLP-1s have been dubbed a miracle weight loss drug, however, weight health should be comprehensive and prioritize whole-person, high-quality care and sustainable change to deliver better long-term health and affordability.

This panel of experts takes a look at the current care landscape, trends, and discuss why a holistic approach that includes proven treatment and support options can reduce spend and improve results for anyone in your population.