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Transcarent Launches National Independent Provider Ecosystem

10 Leading Health Systems Join Transcarent to Deliver a Better Consumer Experience, Higher-Quality Care, and More Predictable and Affordable Costs for Self-Insured Employers

By Transcarent

San Francisco, CA September 26, 2023 – Today, Transcarent is announcing the first National Independent Provider Ecosystem with ten of the most innovative and highest-quality health systems across America as a key part of our efforts to make it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable care. This ecosystem will provide national employers and their employees with a health and care experience they value, faster access to verified high-quality digital or in-person care and guaranteed, affordable and predictable costs with full transparency.   

“Everyone agrees that healthcare in America is too confusing, complex, and costly.  Our goal is to make it easy to access high-quality care and to do that, we’ve partnered with the people who deliver that care . . . the best health systems across the country” said Glen Tullman, Transcarent Chief Executive Officer.  

 “Our close collaboration with these ten leading health systems will allow us to better design care pathways, provide higher-quality care, and faster access. By aligning with health systems who can guarantee both quality of care and competitive pricing, we can reduce administrative burden, and just as important, demonstrate true measurable value for the people who pay for care – employers and their employees. We’ll also more closely integrate the digital experience with the hands-on care that we know only health professionals can provide. It’s not an either/or, it’s both,” said Tullman. 

For the first time at a national level, Members can access seamless virtual care that works in tandem with complex care services that are best delivered locally.  

We’re beginning with 10 of the most respected, highest-quality and innovative health systems across the US:  

  1. Advocate Health 

  2. Atrium Health  

  3. Baylor Scott & White Health 

  4. Corewell Health 

  5. Hackensack Meridian Health 

  6. Intermountain Health

  7. Mass General Brigham 

  8. Memorial Hermann Health System 

  9. Mount Sinai Health System 

  10. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health

Transcarent’s Comprehensive Care Model will offer employers and their employees:   

  • One Connected “Concierge Level” Member Experience   Members get preferred access to care through a fully-connected journey, across digital and in-person care. Each Member will have a coordinated and personalized experience from the Transcarent platform directly through the care pathway of each health system, including scheduling and pre/post care. Members will also have transparent information and reduced overall costs through innovative employer benefit programs.   

  • Trusted, Highest Quality Outcomes  Combining industry-leading quality information from CareJourney, additional quality reference sources, and our health systems’ collective clinical experience, Transcarent Members can have confidence that they are receiving care of the highest-quality.  When paired with Transcarent’s integrated wraparound support – like expert opinions, virtual physical therapy, orthopedic consultations, our pharmacy marketplace, and access to immediate care in 60 seconds or even in-home, Members get more appropriate care and recover faster. Driving value into health and care is a must if cost and quality outcomes are to improve in the United States.  

  • Predictable, Lower Cost of Care  By directly contracting for rates upfront with our health systems and guaranteeing same-day payment, which no one else does, we can also guarantee our employer clients very cost-effective outcomes.   

“To be clear, we’re not talking about the lowest costs, we’re talking about the highest quality of care enabled by better processes. High-quality care drives down the overall cost of care. Through early intervention, process design, and second opinions, we identify what care is necessary and then ensure it is performed by quality organizations at the appropriate site of care. We share the benefits with both our employer clients and our health system partners, creating a win-win,” said Randy Hawkins, M.D., Transcarent Chief Medical Officer.   

The Transcarent model simplifies the healthcare experience for employers, providers, and health consumers. Our direct-to-employer platform regularly pays providers on the same day the service is delivered and includes value-based incentives. Employers will receive competitive pricing previously reserved only for narrow networks while maintaining access and choice for Members. Employees and their families benefit from perks like waived co-pays and co-insurance for making better decisions about their care (where allowed by law and depending on their plans).   

By offering a national comprehensive solution that combines innovative technology, top-quality care, and reduces the cost of care, Transcarent’s National Independent Provider Ecosystem, along with our foundational health systems, is poised to reshape the future of health and care for Members and self-insured employers. 

 Quotes from Foundational Health Systems. 

 About Transcarent  

Transcarent is the One Place for health and care. We cut through complexity, making it easy for people to access high-quality, affordable care. With a personalized app tailored for each Member, an on-demand care team, and a connected ecosystem of high-quality, in-person care and virtual point solutions, Transcarent eliminates the guesswork to confidently guide Members to the right level of care. We align with those who pay for healthcare, offering at-risk pricing and transparent reporting.  

Transcarent takes accountability for results – offering at-risk pricing models and transparent impact reporting to align incentives towards measurably better experience, better health, and lower costs. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

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